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And not the lunar landscape you promised

Unlettered Ishmael
abba, andy partridge, angelo badalamenti, archer prewitt, badly drawn boy, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben folds five, bob dylan, bob marley, brian eno, bruce springsteen, built to spill, cat stevens, charlie parker, chicago, daniel lanois, david bowie, dead kennedys, devendra banhart, dinosaur jr., eels, electric light orchestra, elliott smith, elvis costello, enya, evan dando, fear of pop, frank black, frank zappa, gilbert and sullivan, glen phillips, guided by voices, hank williams sr., interpol, inxs, jay farrar, jeff buckley, jeff tweedy, joe jackson, john coltrane, john wesley harding, johnny cash, jon brion, jonathan richman, joni mitchell, journey, kate rusby, laura cantrell, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, liar's club, lincoln, looper, loudon wainwright iii, making baby jesus cry, mark eitzel, marvin gaye, mason jennings, mike doughty, miles davis, moby, modest mouse, mono puff, morphine, ned's atomic dustbin, neil diamond, nick drake, nina simone, old 97s, patsy cline, paul simon, pavement, pete townshend, phish, pink floyd, politics, portishead, pretenders, r.e.m., radio, radiohead, ray charles, robert pollard, roy orbison, ryan adams, sam cooke, sam prekop, simon and garfunkel, snow patrol, son ambulance, son volt, soul coughing, spoon, stephen malkmus, sting, sufjan stevens, talking heads, tears for fears, the alan parsons project, the apples in stereo, the beach boys, the beatles, the billy nayer show, the cars, the clash, the coolest, the cure, the decemberists, the doves, the flaming lips, the four tops, the kinks, the lemonheads, the lilac time, the long winters, the magnetic fields, the minders, the minus five, the monkees, the mountain goats, the olivia tremor control, the pixies, the police, the posies, the psychedelic furs, the raveonettes, the replacements, the sea and cake, the smiths, the temptations, the the, the traveling willburys, the who, they might be giants, tim buckley, toad the wet sprocket, tom waits, tortoise, ugly casanova, uncle tupelo, warren zevon, ween, wilco, william shatner, woody guthrie, xtc, yes, yo la tengo, young fresh fellows