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A music post

I know I usually throw these over on Facebook, but given that this is a song I'm now listening to for about the seventh (or eighth? or ninth?) time in a row (and which I could leave on repeat all night), I figured it was worth setting aside in a less transitory place (as well as setting aside from the podcast post I'll make in the next few days—as this is track 23 in the podcast I'm about to record and would likely be something I'd post a video from were I not doing so already).

This is off Beach House's new album, which'll be out in two weeks. I'm looking forward to it. It's produced by the same guy who produced their last album, Teen Dream, (and whose bona fides include production work for Blonde Redhead, TV on the Radio, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Architecture in Helsinki, Delorean, Islands, Cold Cave and many others) so I'm hopeful that it'll be as good if not better than their last release. This track is very, very, very promising.

It's sort of like Infinite Jest (the movie). Once it's over, I just want to replay it. Wonderful dreampop.