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Podcast #91: Biggerer and biggerer

As I think I noted in my last podcast post, I had a lot of music in reserve for March because I had an abundance of February music and a lot of stuff that came out on 2/28 I left for the March podcast.

But then I started off March with, like, 64 tracks for the month. And when I listened to the first 32, there was really only one I wanted to get rid of (and this works well for my current setup of sets of 5 with a song at the tail end of the podcast).

So, yes. I broke the 2 hour barrier with this podcast. Woo! A lot of good stuff in it as well.

1. Team Me: Show Me, To the Treetops on Propellor Recordings

2. Erin Passmore: Downtown, Downtown EP on Hidden Pony
3. Kaiser Chiefs: Little Shocks, Start the Revolution Without Me on Fictional/Universal Music Group
4. Denison Witmer: Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall, The Ones Who Wait on Asthmatic Kitty
5. England in 1819: Air That We Once Breathed, Alma, self-released
6. Sourpatch: Cynthia Ann, Stagger and Fade on HHBTM Records
7. School of Seven Bells: The Night, Ghostory on Vagrant Records
8. Elika: No One Gets Lost, Always the Light on Saint Marie Records
9. Sophia Knapp: Close to Me, Into the Waves on Drag City
10. Fort Lean: Sunsick, Sunsick 7" on Neon Gold/Black Bell
11. The Elkcloner: Crossfire, The Elkcloner on Musebox Records
12. Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers: Brave Women, Bone Soldiers on You've Changed Records
13. Dirty Three: Rising Below, Toward the Low Sun on Drag City
14. Bowerbirds: Tuck the Darkness In, The Clearing on Dead Oceans
15. Parakeet: Tomorrow, Tomorrow 7", self-released
16. Eux Autres: Right Again, Sun Is Sunk on Bon Mots Records
17. Dunes: Vertical Walk, Noctiluca on Post Present Medium
18. Jay Farrar/ Yim Yames/ Anders Parker/Will Johnson: Old LA, New Multitudes: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie on Rounder Records
19. Good Old War: Calling Me Names, Come Back As Rain on Sargent House
20. The Mary Onettes: Love's Taking Strange Ways, Love Forever on Labrador
21. Cygnets: Teenager, Dark Days, self-released
22. Lissy Trullie: It's Only You, Isn't It, Lissy Trullie on Downtown Records
23. Gabriel & The Hounds: The World Unfolds, Kiss Full of Teeth on Communion
24. Eric Chenaux: Amazing Backgrounds, Guitar & Voice on Constellation
25. Juston Stens: Edge of the Moon, Trash or Treasure, self-released
26. Memoryhouse: The Kids Were Wrong, The Slideshow Effect on Sub Pop
27. Plants and Animals: Lightshow, The End of That on Secret City Records
28. Mike O'Neill: Henry, Wild Lines on Zunior
29. Y La Bamba: Squawk, Court the Storm on Tender Loving Empire
30. Jonathan Segel: (Ever and) Always, All Attractions on Magnetic
31. First Person Shootr: You New Web, Mobility for Gods on Lefse Records

Some catchy Norwegian indie pop that came out last year in Europe but was just released here:

First single off the new School of Seven Bells album (whom I still think aren't as good as they were when the other sister was in the band, but they make up for it by double-tracking the one that's left). Still, this is a pretty good song:

Memoryhouse makes me think of a laid-back Rilo Kiley:

And this Dirty Three track makes me think of a drunk Penguin Cafe Orchestra:

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