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My podcast is now a nonagenarian! And, so far as I can tell, it's still in its right mind!

February was surprisingly full of good music. Like, the songs in this podcast? Only go up to the 27th or so (I think the one exception is the Amy Ray [and, YES, it's that Amy Ray: AN INDIGO GIRL, and the song ROCKS -- no kidding] song which is going to be released on the 28th). I've still got a decent number of songs from the 28th that I'm going to sneak into the March 1st podcast.

1. Amy Ray: Glow, Lung of Love on Daemon Records
2. Wild Nothing: Nowhere, Nowhere 7" on Captured Tracks
3. Burning Hearts: Burn, Burn, Burn, Extinctions on Shelflife Records
4. Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters: Loose Ends, Lungs, Dirt, and Dreams on Adair Park Recordings
5. Oy Vey: The Brooklyn Side, Recession Girls, self-released
6. Winter Pills: Rogue Highway, All My Lovely Goners on Signature Sounds
7. Dirty Ghosts: Shout It In, Metal Moon on Last Gang Records
8. Damien Jurado: Nothing Is the News, Maraqopa on Secretly Canadian
9. Rosie Thomas: Where Was I, With Love on Studio Litho
10. Terry Malts: Tumble Down, Killing Time on Slumberland
11. Field Music: (I Keeping Thinking About) A New Thing, Plumb on Memphis Industries
12. Ariane Moffatt: In Your Body, MA on Audiogram
13. Christopher Paul Stelling: Mourning Train to Memphis, Songs of Praise & Scorn on Mecca Lecca Recording Co.
14. Perfume Genius: All Waters, Put Your Back N 2 It on Matador
15. Zebra & Snake: Empty Love Song, Sweetest Treasure EP on 100% Records
16. Shearwater: Breaking the Yearling, Animal Joy on Sub Pop
17. Sick Friend: The Draft Dodger, The Draft Dodger on Bird & Flag
18. Leland Sundries: Apparition, The Foundry EP on L'Echiquier Records
19. Barna Howard: Promise, I Won't Laugh, Barna Howard on Mama Bird Recording Co.
20. Sara Radle: The Pins, Same Sun Shines on Jeez Louise
21. Sleigh Bells: Comeback Kid, Reign of Terror on Mom & Pop Music
22. Cursive: The Sun and Moon, I Am Gemini on Saddle Creek
23. Guy Capecelatro III: Girlfriends, North for the Winter on Dromedary Records
24. Lambchop: If Not I'll Just Die, Mr. M on Merge Records
25. Beach Fossils: Shallow, Shallow 7" on Captured Tracks
26. Unicycle Loves You: Sun Comes Out (And I Don't Care), Failure on Mecca Lecca Recording Co.

Now, I know that down here I generally post a few videos of songs from the podcast as a preview. I'm not doing that this time. Because to do so would detract from my main message which is that Field Music's Plumb is incredible and you need to listen to it. Now.

It's unlike anything I've heard in recent memory, but brings to mind XTC and The Beatles as it does a kind of pastichey, math-rocky, proggy sort of thing in just a scant 35 minutes. Catchy, interesting and sounds like nothing more than it sounds like itself, which is pretty much a ticket to winning my admiration.

What I've heard of their previous music is very good too and they're one of the few bands that I've played on my podcast where I am going to make a concerted effort to get to know their music much better (apart from bands I play whom I already know -- though, honestly, there are usually only a handful each podcast: most of the music I play is from artists I've never heard of prior to finding their music or am not terribly familiar with, even if I do know their names).

Oh, are you still reading? Perhaps you missed my directive above. I'll reiterate: go listen to Field Music's Plumb now.

I'll note that it's also available on Spotify, for those of you in the States (along with the rest of their back catalogue).

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